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PRESENTER:  Lacy Schoen, Founder and CEO of “Real Women. Real Success.”

It’s a fact – women are 50% of the population, and 57% of college graduates, yet – women only hold 5% of Fortune 500 CEO positions, 14% of Government Executive Positions, and only receive 2.7% of venture capital (meaning that over 97% of entrepreneurial investment goes to men!)  Why is this true? There is no one answer to this conundrum, but there are several trends that, if we show leadership, would substantially increase our numbers in top positions.

One of those is to support each other like men do in a professional setting, and yet – negative workplace female competition is very prevalent among all sectors and all age groups. Why is this? And what can we do about it? Most importantly, what are some of the behaviors, values and actions YOU can take to help mitigate the dysfunctional impacts of this disturbing behavior? These are the questions we’ll talk through in our session “Why Women Compete and What You Can Do About It” at our annual conference. Lead by Lacy Schoen, a top professional of 30 years in the nonprofit management field (20 years as a CEO) who “made it” in a man’s world, but more importantly, in spite of competitive, divisive female peers. Learn from her experiences and especially from her proven strategies to minimize competition and drive a new culture among all professional women.

In this interactive session you will learn why women often compete with each other, and the detrimental impact of this behavior which is often overlooked. We’ll discuss ways to identify it and improve it using real examples.



Lacy earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from California State University Long Beach. She has held executive roles in five non-profit organizations – most recently the Association of California Cities, Orange County where she was the Founding CEO. Lacy was a key contributor in the development of Orange County’s Ending Homelessness Plan. She has won numerous awards including OC Metro Magazine’s 20 Women to Watch, Senator Lou Correa’s Women Making a Difference, California Women’s Leadership Association Woman to Watch for her pioneering work in creating collaborative public policy processes among community stakeholders in Orange County.

Lacy has been the host of Cox Civic Connection and has served on several boards including the California State University Fullerton Center for Leadership, a variety of Chambers and CleanTechOC. She is the Founder and CEO of “Real Women. Real Success.”, a company that supports the ascension of women into executive leadership. Her weekly video blog is a favorite with professional women from both the public and private sectors. She believes that women have innate skills needed to succeed at the highest levels, and to solve today’s most challenging problems.

Lacy is a co-author of the Amazon Best Seller, Keys to Conscious Business Growth and is certified as a High Performance Coach through the High Performance Institute.

All conference attendees will have the opportunity to receive a free, signed copy of the book ‘Keys to Conscious Business Growth’. Register for the conference today at

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